A letter from the President

Since 1993, Phillips Way has been committed to building successful projects through successful relationships.

A letter from the President

Like a driver behind the wheel, we carefully balance expertise with efficiency, and precision with control while exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our goal is to meet the delivery requirements on time and within budget—this is easy to say but not so easy to do.

With a Principal in the driver’s seat for each project, we maintain quality performance and consistent results every time. The added benefit and ability of Phillips Way to self-perform the majority of the work associated with a project as a general and mechanical contractor also means cost saving advantages for our clients.

We are proud of our reputation for “making the impossible possible,” from highly complex occupied settings, to fast-track renovations and hazmat environments, Phillips Way is the first to step up to the challenge with real solutions when others can’t or won’t. It’s not just a motto—it’s how we work.

Winning a race is not just about speed—it’s about trust, commitment and crossing the finish line ahead of the competition. Phillips Way is truly the customer’s way.

Phillip Martien, President

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